Our Team

Our team's rich experience & unwavering ethics is the foundation that elevates SBT's performance consistently

Damien Mercuri Advisor, Australia

Damien is a business development professional who has over 20 years experience. He has consulted to a number of commercial agribusinesses, industry and government bodies. Specializing in sales and marketing, project management, product development and launches, market analysis, relationship building and supply chain management.

Damien also runs a third-generation family agribusiness employing over 200 people and is a director of a labour hire firm with 400 plus employees.

Peter Kokotis Advisor, Australia

Peter Kokotis is an experienced Finance Specialist, having worked in the Finance Industry for over 20 years. He has achieved numerous industry acknowledgements with an expertise in financial industries. In today’s ever-changing financial world, Peter remained as a trusted adviser of thousands of Australian families in developing investment strategies.

Peter is the member of the Board of Management of South Melbourne FC taking on roles such as Football Director & Corporate Sales Director. He is also a certified FIFA football agent.

Frank Barillaro Advisor, Australia

Frank has over 20 years of professional investment and private equity markets experience. He is currently responsible for managing investment portfolios on behalf of large institutional investors worth in excess of $1.5 billion. In addition, Frank sits as a Board Member on several large Australian companies with a combined value of over one billion dollars.

Frank has a dual Bachelors degree in Law and Commerce and brings a wealth of professional corporate investment experience and governance to the SBT team.

Ali Elk Advisor, UK

Ali is a respected and well-thought leader in the cybersecurity industry and project management with more than 20 years of experience in IT and security, including success developing progressive security architecture and security policy framework solutions in direct support of business objectives.

Equipped with advanced security & project management certifications and expertise applying best practice frameworks and methodologies.

Hasan Rimon Co-Founder, Australia

Hasan is a visionary business leader committed to bring social equality through his amazing entrepreneurship skills. He has vast knowledge and experience in the investment and financial services industries. Among his successful ventures, he runs an employment agency, just to create equal opportunity for the less privileged.

Graduated in business and international relationship, he brings wealth of knowledge on how to shape up future of finance worldwide. As the co-founder of SBT Group, he played a vital role in ideation and great execution of the project.

Hemanth Khullar Executive Team, Australia

Hemant is a true icon of a small business owner with entrepreneurial mindset and bigger vision. He lives with the vision of transforming small businesses to micro power houses and embraced his journey with Crypto as he believes SBT and other similar projects will shape up the new world.

His endless enthusiasm and passion for perfection generates great energy in SBT executive team and beyond

Raj Kumar Executive Team, Australia

Raj is a proven talent for creating investment value and offering high level strategic AI perspective and deep expertise on all facts. Talent for establishing a clear end point vision, innovative product rollouts and spearheading the optimal course for achievement.

He embraced the SBT vision with an aim to create an AI based ecosystem for the small businesses and he believes that AI with a powerful combination of block chain will change the business world. SBT is nothing but the vehicle to achieve this

Sim Tauelangi Executive Team, Australia

Sim is an icon in leading cutting edge and innovative security solutions, that extends beyond Crypto and Cyber Security. With the “Zero trust” approach – he has redefined how security will look like in the future world.

He has worked with numerous security projects and made his approach unique which will make SBTT and Business Operating System (BOS) bulletproof.

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