The crypto for small businesses, with big thinking.

SBT is a fully integrated crypto platform that allows small businesses to utilise SBT’s block chain technology to buy, sell or develop their own crypto token safely, easily and securely.

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Market Overview


Name Price 24h% 7d% Market Cap

Bitcoin BTC

$68,631 1.27 -1.73 $1,352,368,597,102

Ethereum ETH

$3,866 0.64 2.85 $464,394,817,030

Tether USDt USDT

$1 -0.03 -0.08 $111,845,356,625

What is SBT?

SBT is a unique platform that allows small businesses to utilise block chain technology and crypto for the exchange of goods and services, right across the globe.

By utilising the SBT platform, small businesses can exchange for goods and services in crypto without incurring all the high transaction costs associated with traditional crypto transactions.

The SBT platform offers a place to buy, sell or exchange multiple crypto currencies but more importantly, with a ready-made, and easy to use tool for small businesses to create their own secure crypto token without the need for any programming expertise.

A global platform

SBT is being adopted by thousands of small business users across a number of different countries for daily transactions using crypto in a safe, secure and easy to use manner.

Driven by the global small business community, SBT provides the gateway for billions of consumer transactions across the globe to access crypto technology at low cost and with seamless ease

Supported by the SBT’s own proprietary BOSS network, the BOSS ecosystem allows anyone to access the benefits of block chain technology for daily use in buying and selling goods and services.

Our Products


SBT Tokens

Crypto to help Small Businesses.

SBT is an established crypto currency that has already been adopted by thousands of users.

SBT tokens can be bought and sold just like Bitcoin (and other popular crypto tokens) and can be traded on multiple crypto platforms such as Uniswap, PancakeSwap and Ethereum.


Cryptoplace by SBT

Buy. Swap. Sell.

SBT is totally unique in the marketplace for the small business community. It offers one of the easiest ways to buy, swap and sell any vetted Crypto using a debit card, credit card.

Purchase SBT tokens and use our platform to transact, swap and sell into other forms of popular cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ether, Solana and many more.


SBT Marketplace

Coming soon!

We want to welcome you to the world's first crypto based marketplace. Our aim is to take crypto into the mainstream providing a marketplace for small business to buy and sell goods in a similar way to which Amazon, Alibaba and eBay operate.

Our SBT Marketplace platform requires at least 5% of payments to be made in crypto, with small businesses having the option to accept up to 100% payment in crypto using SBT, BTC, ETH and a number of other prominent coins.

We live with Crypto and small business

Since the inception of SBT Group, which was created by a number of prominent business leaders, Crypto analysts and developers globally, we have been working to take Cryptocurrency into the mainstream so it can be easily adopted by small businesses across the globe.

We're a group of small businesses with big thinking!

SBT is a business crypto transaction token that will support small business activities across the world. It will change the way small businesses are able to handle their financial transactions, allowing them with the platform to easily conduct their transactions via our blockchain token-based technology.

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List your business

We’re committed to small business communities globally.

SBT have reserved a total of 198 trillion SBT tokens for small businesses and start-ups! This fund will be distributed to eligible businesses in the next 5 years.

As a part of this program, list your business using a simple form and claim 100 million SBT tokens when you sign up.

Claim 100 Million SBT


SBT is a blockchain crypto token for small businesses who want to make the world work better by incorporating a Decentralized Finance structure into their business through our Business Operating Software System, which would enable businesses to tokenize their products and services and bring cryptocurrency technologies into the business mainstream.

SBT token is a business transaction token that will support small business activities across the world by changing the way small businesses handle their financial transactions where most of the transactions will be blockchain token based instead of traditional Fiat currencies.

The SBT Business Operating Software System (BOSS) is a holistic ecosystem that aims to tokenize and bring block chain technology into the mainstream, allowing small businesses across the globe to adopt this technology easily and securely. BOSS is the platform that allows small businesses to create their own crypto token using our platform, allowing them to accept trade for goods and services using cryptocurrency.

The blockchain-based Business Operating Software System (BOSS) network is underpinned by its own unique currency – the Small Business Transaction (SBT) Token. SBT Tokens work as the reference currency for the flow of transactions within the entire BOSS network, powering the usage of the SBT Cryptoplace and the SBT App applications. The key role of the SBT Token is to provide a reference currency for each transaction that occurs within the BOSS network. Each transaction that occurs within BOSS is referenced to the SBT Token, making it the measure of worth. It means that by holding SBT Tokens, investors are also controlling a part of the entire BOSS ecosystem and any tokens created within it. By doing so, as the BOSS ecosystem grows, the value of SBT Tokens will grow with it. This puts SBT Token holders in charge of their own destiny. Truly making them their own BOSS within the crypto exchange.

SBT brings various crypto platforms together in order to facilitate all small business activities. Firstly, SBT is developing its own Crypto based Marketplace, where any small business can sell their products and services online using the SBT platform. SBT will enable small business networking using the SBT token as the base, providing a ready made platform for B2B transactions to occur with a single point of crypto that can be bought, swap or sold for other mainstream cyrpto currencies. Most importantly, the SBT Group has dedicated a total of 33% of all SBT tokens in circulation to be distributed to small business owners and start-ups who adopt the platform. By placing a significant amount of total supply in circulation in the hands of those small businesses who are incentivised to growth the SBT platform, SBT token holders will also participate in that growth as the adoption of SBT grows. This is designed to ensure all participants in the SBT ecosystem have their interests aligned to achieve exponential growth.

We believe small business is the heart of any economy. We also believe that small businesses are not fairly treated in the current financial systems. And when it comes to crypto, we have found that small business is currently not represented fairly in this growing technology.
Many small businesses and young entrepreneurs are innovators for some of the world’s greatest ideas and new technology adaptations. Today, small businesses around the world are more connected than ever before, with the value of daily transactions happening across the globe growing at exponential rates.
With the global pandemic hitting many small businesses hard, the environment has been created to build a disruptive blockchain-based solution to lead the way as small businesses emerge from the pandemic and resume their growth. These factors make small business a perfect place to create the first wide-scale small business crypto platform. SBT aims to fill this gap and take first mover advantage as the world begins to emerge into its post pandemic phase of new economic growth.
The SBT Group is run by small businesses, entrepreneurs, and developers from over 20 countries, including Australia, USA, China, India, UK, Romania, Germany, UAE, Bangladesh, Singapore and Malaysia. We are real people, with a real desire to help small business and create a new way of doing business in the new global age.

It's very simple:

  1. Download our SBTT Cryptoplace App on:
    Google Play Store:
    Apple App Store:
  2. Register with a valid email and set your password.
  3. Write down and secure your Secret Phrase for your wallet.
  4. On the app go to “Buy Token”
  5. Put in the amount of tokens you’d like to purchase
  6. Add your Debit/Credit Card and buy the token. You will see your wallah filled in with the crypto currency you have purchased.

You can also buy SBT Tokens on the following exchanges:

  • Pancake Swap
  • Uniswap

To support small businesses to take control over how their financial transactions take place without having to use traditional means such as a bank. SBT token will achieve this by creating opportunities for small businesses by adopting a larger ecosystem called Business Operating System (BOS) that aims to tokenize and bring block chain into mainstream and create greater opportunities for small businesses initially and eventually for every person on earth.
To support and help develop sustainable technologies with innovators and entrepreneurs by granting them loans and incentives to further develop easily adoptable technologies for helping small businesses accomplish bigger goals made possible through the freedom offered by De-Fi Cryptocurrencies.
*To support reputable foundations and charities that aid in eliminating world hunger and poverty as well as help bring business education and opportunities to minority communities and countries that do not have access to the wave of future innovations arising currently globally. Our motto is no person left behind! Crypto for everyone.
We aim to support 1 million Small Businesses establish themselves and grow at a steady pace until they can be self-sustaining and profitable in their respective markets.
SBT token aims to become a universal bank for cryptocurrencies of any kind where you can exchange, buy, swap or sell any desirable crypto coin or token as well as be able to use a physical bank card for physical payments or use at an ATM to withdraw of any type of currency globally.

On the SBT Cryptoplace you can swap SBT tokens with any other crypto coin or token that you prefer such as Bitcoin, Binance or Ethereum and send it to any CEX platform of your choice, where you have the facility to transfer it to any Fiat currency

SBT Cryptoplace was created to facilitate buying, selling, swapping or staking your cryptocurrencies especially for businesses integrating a De-Fi structure into their business model. With the app you can:

  1. Buy any crypto coin or token asset directly with your bank card and start swapping and staking any crypto asset, which is not possible in any other app, all in one place.
  2. There are currently more than 10,000 crypto coins and tokens listed on our platform and are increasing daily.
  3. Easily find the right cryptocurrency you need by just typing in the search bar the name or the contract address of the Cryptocurrency you need.
  4. With any transaction done on the platform, a % of SBT Tokens of the amount of the transaction will be burnt from your main wallet.
  5. With every SBT transaction, a % of the total income made by the SBT platform will be distributed to all SBT holders to encourage holding SBT tokens long-term.
  6. We are currently working on making all the financial transactions taking place globally to take place in terms of SBT in near future. So there will always be a demand on the market for SBT tokens.
  7. Once we make our eco-system popular and have an increased amount of daily transactions on our eco-system, the value of SBT will increase close to 1 cent, making early holders benefit quite well.
  8. In the near future, you will be able to use SBT tokens to buy or sell physical goods and services used in your daily life, from grocery shopping to booking your next holiday.

At this moment a total of 9% in fees are deducted from every SBT transaction:
Current Tax Rate : 3% for less than 10% of holding and multiplied by 2 for every 10%, maximum 30%.
Current Burn Rate: 3%.
Current Startup Fund Contribution : 3% (such fees will continue until we reach to total 100 trillion tokens).

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